The MiniWoB++ library contains a collection of over 100 web interaction environments, along with JavaScript and Python interfaces for programmatically interacting with them. The Python interface follows the Gymnasium API and uses Selenium WebDriver to perform actions on the web browser.

MiniWoB++ is an extension of the OpenAI MiniWoB benchmark, and was introduced in the paper Reinforcement Learning on Web Interfaces using Workflow-Guided Exploration.

The Gymnasium interface allows an agent to initialize and interact with a MiniWoB++ environment as follows:

import gymnasium
import miniwob
env = gymnasium.make('miniwob/click-test-2-v1', render_mode='human')
  observation, info = env.reset(seed=42)
  for _ in range(1000):
    action = policy(observation)  # User-defined policy function
    observation, reward, terminated, truncated, info = env.step(action)
    if terminated:
      observation, info = env.reset()